The future of traceability

A bridge from producer to customer

Our solution focuses on an end-to-end tracking which allows for unification across the entire supply chain, among all carriers.

Benefits of our Solution:

1. Traceability and visibility of the supply chain

Increased supply chain speed and flexibility with real-time tracking for all partners. Examples: product recalls, governmental and normative compliance, inter-company collaboration.

2. Fraud and transparency of the origin

Customers want to know where the goods come from. Security is the key to fighting fraud and counterfeiting. Examples: food safety and product, verification of authenticity, verification of labels (organic, AOP, etc).

3. Redundant and incomplete data

The data currently is based in silos, they are different from one organization to another and/or often incomplete. Examples: management of purchase orders, management of delivery vouchers, different intercompany references and more.

4. Workflow automation

To reduce friction, automate operations, avoid disputes, loss of confidence. Examples: automated commands, automatic payments, commercial promotions.

How does it work?

Through our “Capsule concept” we're able to track the history of product via links to all traceability data and more. In fact, the capsule is a token that is linked to a batch or product and thus allows the transfer of value and ownership between the different actors of a supply chain.

From space

For the most extensive food traceability - from field to fork - we must start by knowing information about the land like soil moisture, surface temperature, photosynthetic activity, pollution, input management, farm management recording, etc.

From IOT & Sensors

Sensors and IOTs are excellent sources of data for traceability, which allows data to be obtained automatically and "reliably" throughout the supply chain and processes.

From humans

The human is always the first source of data thanks to its senses which are very sophisticated sensors. Nevertheless the human can make mistakes. It will therefore be necessary, as far as possible, to automate the data and to keep the human being as supervisor of these data or for exceptional data.

Our roadmap

We've been working on this for a while.

Q4 2017

Research & Ideation

Q1 2018

Research & Ideation - Proof of concept

Q2 2018

Draft technical exploration of idea + Engineering details and software architecture

Q3 2018

Blockchain solution working prototype with pilot partners - MVP

Q4 2018

Whitepaper published, gathering feedback and data from academics and peer-reviewed studies

Private Beta with pilot partners tests and pioneer / early adopter

Q1 2019

Integration of new features and test

Public Beta

Our team

Global, distributed team

Our partners

We're working with the following partners, more to be announced in 2018

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